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2008-01-08 20:07:23 by GunmanClock

Marc Lépine was a shy and

uncommunicative person who had

little emotion. He was very organized

and precise, and had problems

accepting authority which made him

have difficulties at school and work.

He did not drink or take drugs.

Lépine was uncomfortable around

women, and had no girlfriends. He

tended to boss women around and

show off his knowledge in front of

them. He spoke to others about his

dislike of feminists, career women

and women in traditionally male

occupations. He hated women. This

may have something to do with his

upbringing. Marc Lépine was born

Gamil Gharbi to a French-Canadian

mother and an Algerian father.

Marc's father didn't consider women

to be the equal of men and was

physically and verbally abusive to his

wife and son, discouraging

tenderness between mother and

child. This father figure may have

had a direct relation, to his views on

life in his later years.

So in conclusion, this was a terrible

tragedy, and it really shows the

world, not just Canada, how women

are being treated, and how it should

be stopped.


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