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2007-08-28 01:05:35 by GunmanClock

this is a note to remind me what to say to some one who is hurting someone verbely...
say someone says "hahaha that is her only friend hahaha" here is what im going to say...
I choose to be nice to her, I choose to be her friend, just because your pretty or skinny or popular doesnt mean that you are anybetter then me or her or anyone. you pick on me her and everyone els just like us all day everyday for what reason that i dont know but im sick of you making her and me and all the other people fell bad and feel like we dont belong and like we should look diffrent to be popular. you never take the time to realize that we have feelings to and that maybe us freeks as you may call us dont know what its like to be left out and on the outside looking think that beauty is only on the out side...its not we are beautiful just like you maybe not on the outside but on the inside you wouldnt like it if you were us and we were you asnd we made fun of you all the time would i hate how you pick on everyone you think is a freek or is beneath you in some way well we`re not we are just like you we do have next time you want to pick on someone think about how much your hurting us and how many things we do to try and be like you...some people kill them selves because of people like make us feel like we need to change just because you think were ugly or nasty or a freek. some people get really sick because of people like you they starv them selves to no end to look skinny and ptreyy just like guys may look pretty and nice but what i see rite now is people who could never look uglyer...........

Lurking Post

2007-08-20 06:04:23 by GunmanClock

If you support the "Lurk Counter" reply on this post saying so =3


2007-08-18 22:38:31 by GunmanClock ePVP_newserver_interludepatch_02.rar.h tml


2007-08-17 20:25:39 by GunmanClock




2007-08-17 18:37:44 by GunmanClock

Check my new game noW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


2007-08-15 20:54:42 by GunmanClock

Clock Day mayhem is still at large, any comments or thoughts?


RAWR 4Chan!!!! - Re:Genesis

2007-08-13 08:34:18 by GunmanClock

4Chan!! DJ, spin 'dat shit!!

Any news on the KK?

2007-07-18 21:43:26 by GunmanClock

Haven't seen them around lately...

My own user page!

2007-07-18 17:13:25 by GunmanClock

HARDCORE!!! Comment please, I wanna see if this actualy works =3